End Unit

Atlantis II

792 Solarium Avenue

2443 sq ft / Townhome lot

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Atlantis II Floor Plan



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The Urbandale Difference

ENERGY STAR® Townhomes

Urbandale is leading the industry by building our townhomes to the ENERGY STAR® Standard. 

The ENERGY STAR® initiative is administered by Natural Resources Canada to promote homes that are at least 20% more energy efficient than a house built to code. We achieve our high levels of energy efficiency through attention to detail during the construction process, and by specifying the highest quality equipment and materials. We also require additional inspections throughout the building process to ensure each home is built to the highest standards.  An Urbandale ENERGY STAR® Townhome will:

  • Reduce your energy costs compared to a house built to code
  • Be more comfortable to live in, with no drafts and a warm and dry basement
  • Ensure improved indoor air quality
  • Be verified ENERGY STAR® with third party inspections by a certified Energy Consultant 

Cheryl Barr & Kathleen Michael
Sales Consultants
E: [email protected]
P: 613-822-2190

12-7pm Monday to Thursday
Closed Friday
Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm
A: 708 River Rd, Ottawa, ON K4M 1B2

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  • 3
  • 3.5
  • Lot: Townhome
  • Size: 2443 SQ FT

model location: Riverside South

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