The Urbandale Difference

Learn more about what makes an Urbandale home an investment your family can enjoy for generations to come.

There’s comfort in higher standards.

Urbandale Construction is a family-run business with over 40 years experience building high quality homes in Ottawa. 

Our experience, expertise and integrity shines in every aspect of the home building process. As a qualified Net Zero builder, we utilize state-of-the-art building practices that are the result of thorough research. We consider the house as a system to ensure all the components of the home are integrated and optimized for comfort and durability. We achieve these amazing results through the use of quality materials, high performance equipment and meticulous attention to detail during construction. An Urbandale home takes care of you and your household’s well-being. Comfort for your lifetime.

Net Zero Ready Singles & Bungalows

Urbandale is paving the way to create resilient, comfortable, and low carbon communities in the Capital region. Net Zero Ready is Urbandale’s new standard in all single and bungalow homes. These homes will be optimized with technology that ensures:

  • Comfort (Year Round)
  • Offset Energy Costs
  • Lower Cost of Home Ownership
  • Exceptional Air Quality
  • Durability

Every Net Zero Ready home undergoes third party modeling & verification by a certified Energy Consultant from Homesol Building Solutions. Once the blower door test has been done & the verification is complete, the home is given an EnerGuide rating.


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R-2000: An Urbandale Legacy

Urbandale Singles & Bungalows are also R-2000 Certified. Urbandale Construction designs the home as a system to ensure all components are integrated and optimized for comfort and durability. It’s what goes into the construction of an Urbandale R-2000 Home that sets it apart from other homes.

  • Urbandale Construction is an NRCan R-2000 licensed builder
  • R-2000 homes are evaluated, inspected and tested by an independent third-party Energy Consultant 
  • An Urbandale R-2000 home is on average 50% more energy efficient than a house built to code
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Green Home offers a 25% premium refund for homes built to the R-2000 Standard.
  • All R-2000 homes are certified by the Government of Canada
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Urbandale Net Zero Ready Home Features

Click on the features below to learn more about the technology that sets Urbandale Net Zero Ready homes apart.

ENERGY STAR® Townhomes

Urbandale is leading the industry by building our townhomes to the ENERGY STAR® Standard. 

The ENERGY STAR® initiative is administered by Natural Resources Canada to promote homes that are at least 20% more energy efficient than a house built to code. We achieve our high levels of energy efficiency through attention to detail during the construction process, and by specifying the highest quality equipment and materials. We also require additional inspections throughout the building process to ensure each home is built to the highest standards.  An Urbandale ENERGY STAR® Townhome will:

  • Reduce your energy costs compared to a house built to code
  • Be more comfortable to live in, with no drafts and a warm and dry basement
  • Ensure improved indoor air quality
  • Be verified ENERGY STAR® with third party inspections by a certified Energy Consultant 
details on ENERGY STAR® here 

Proud FoundationTM Insulation System

One thing that everyone wants in a home is more usable space. All too often basements remain cold and unpleasant, suitable only for storage. Our systems approach to homes includes the basement – an often overlooked part of a new home. We put insulation below the concrete slab so it’s warmer to walk on and our exclusive Proud Foundation was designed with exterior foundation insulation and a waterproof elastomeric coating on the outside of the insultation to reduce the chance of foundation cracks or moisture issues due to condensation. This approach makes basements more comfortable and easier to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature. We believe a basement shouldn’t just be the space underneath your home, it should be more of your home.

Our Proud Foundations™ come with a 30 year warranty against leaks!
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