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Located between Findlay Creek and Cowan’s Grove, The Leitrim Flats offers modern low-rise living with a taste of the countryside.

Destination: Home

From shopping to dining out and even childcare, the Findlay Creek Plaza offers a wide range of amenities conveniently located across the street!

Check out the splash pads, tennis courts and play structures at Littlerock Park, Bert Dowler Park or Shuttleworth Park. Make The Meadows Golf & Country Club your home course with a short 10 minutes drive.

Take a walk on the Boardwalk!

The Findlay Creek Boardwalk that is. Located on the Leitrim Wetland on Findlay Creek Drive, the Boardwalk is a 1 Kilometre scenic looped trail with some trees aged up to 250 years!

Discover your dream home and make your next move to Leitrim Flats.

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View Liked Homes View All Homes